Wong, Chang & Yang LLP will be offering free weekend seminars on three days in January and three days in June each year (dates TBD at least a month in advance). We will discuss two different topics per day, and the seminar topic sets will be:

       A1. Buying & Selling a Home
       A2. Landlord-Tenant Conflicts

       B1. Employment Law

       B2. Personal Injury

       C1. Estate Planning
       C2. Marriage, Property Ownership, & Pre-nup

All seminars will follow the following schedule:
       10:00AM-11:00AM Seminar Topic #1
       11:00AM-12:00PM Q&A Session

       01:30PM-02:30PM Seminar Topic #2
       02:30PM-03:30PM Q&A Session

Seminars will generally be held at 413 Third Street, Oakland, CA 94607, but location is subject to change based on reserved attendees. Please RSVP if you are interested as seating is limited.

The seminar dates for June 2019 will be:
        June 1, 2019         Topic #1: Buying & Selling Home 
                                    Topic #2: Landlord/Tenant

        June 15, 2019       Topic #1: Employment Law 
                                    Topic #2: Personal Injury

        June 29, 2019       Topic #1: Estate Planning
                                    Topic #2: Marriage, Property Ownership, & Pre-nup

We will also be available for pre-scheduled consultation appointments (half-hour) during seminar days (appointments are limited). Please call 510-451-2124 to schedule a consultation appointment.